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Are you looking for an auto body repair shop that will return your vehicle to its original condition at a fair price?

You aren’t the only one.

Many auto body repair customers find that their collision isn’t the worst part of their accident. They leave the repair shop feeling cheated and victimized. Even worst, their cars are devalued because of sub-standard repairs. Para Español

If you choose the wrong auto body shop for your collision repairs and they do a shoddy repair job, you can be stuck with those repairs for the life of your vehicle. Bad repairs can be irreversible. When they can be reversed, people end up paying for the repairs out of their own pocket.

Does getting your vehicle repaired the right way, mean paying more?

Of course it doesn’t.

While there are many unprofessional auto body shops, Carreras Auto Body is different. We bring your car back to its original condition. We stand by all of our repairs with a lifetime guarantee.

Located in Healdsburg, we have been in the business for over thirty years and have built a reputation for exceptional quality and great friendly service.

“Carreras Auto Body is amazing!

“They are prompt, courteous and provide excellent work. Dan and his crew always take the time to come to our location to provide a quote and make it convenient for us, the customer. I highly recommend this shop.”

—Maureen W.

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